Viewability Tracking
In order to truly understand ad performance, it is essential to consider ad viewability.
Traditional, impression-based ad performance data is inaccurate and leads to wrong decisions.

Admetrics Viewability Tracking delivers reliable real-time viewability data, enabling advertisers to evaluate their ad performance and make informed decisions to optimize their spend.
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How Viewability Tracking works

By default admetrics considers an ad as viewable if at least 50% of an ad is displayed in the viewable area of the client browser for at least 1 second. Try it out for yourself in this demo:
Real-time stats
Placement A
Visible %100%
View time00:23
Placement B
Visible %0%
View time0s

Results and findings from real Viewability Tracking data.

Video and Mobile

Full spectrum

Admetrics tracking technology covers the whole spectrum of display ads, on both desktop and mobile and including video ads. Using the MRAID standard, admetrics provides tracking of in-app ads as well.

With video-specific metrics like Audibility, Play time while in view or Completion rate while in view, admetrics delivers the necessary analytical depth to take advantage of the popularity of web video and video ads on all devices.


Working with the data

Viewability Tracking comes with Admetrics Dashboard, our own web-based analytics application. Admetrics Dashboard enables users to conveniently gather actionable insights from Admetrics tracking data and other data sources.

Getting started

Admetrics Viewability Tracking is based on javascript code, which means integration is easy and fast. The tracking code can be piggybacked with regular impressions, so there is no change whatsoever needed to the advertisers‘ creative assets.


Common applications

The viewability metric can be leveraged for a broad range of analytics and optimization tasks, often in combination with other metrics, or even custom, vendor proprietary metrics (see Engagement Tracking). However, there are a number of basic applications for viewability tracking. These include:

Optimization of spend towards viewable inventory

Better understanding of user behaviour

Comparison of placement performance

Comparison of creative performance

Campaign Monitoring

Measurement of brand visibility

Track Record

Proven results


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