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Ad Verification

Admetrics technology is key for reaching your target audience in the right environment.

Admetrics verification solutions provide the insight you need to find the most efficient placements, minimize non-human ad traffic and protect your brand from unsafe contexts and unwanted audiences.

Geo Compliance

Verification that the location of the user aligns with brand policies and campaign setup.

Language Compliance

Verification that the language of the domain aligns with brand policies and campaign setup.

Viewability & Attention

Verification of Viewability and attention metrics so they match the expectations and campaign goals.

Ad Position

Verification that the position of the ad on the page matches the media buy.

Ad Fraud

Scoring and flagging of non-human ad traffic and traffic of publishers who used techniques to hide ads or obfuscate the actual URL an ad is served on (see Fraud Prevention).

Brand Safety & Contextual Data

Verification that ads are being served to the relevant audience in the appropriate environments.

Frequency & Reach

Verification that an ad’s frequency and reach match the campaign/targeting setup.


Make better decisions by using admetrics Ad Verification data to optimize, monitor or automate your digital media.

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