Admetrics Data Studio is an enterprise-grade marketing data warehouse and attribution solution for DTC brands - now available in the Shopify App Store. It solves major issues e-commerce marketers are facing by providing these key features in a single out-of-the-box application: 
A single source of truth
Unified reporting and deep-drill downs across all of your paid and non-paid traffic sources.
User journeys insights
Privacy-compliant user journey tracking across channels and devices.
Multi-touch attribution
Precise distribution of credit for sales to each touchpoint and campaign.
Accelerated decision-making
Accelerated decision-making through machine-learning-powered statistical analysis.
Feature overview

Next-level performance marketing

Out-of-the box

Attribution done right

Single-source of truth
Stop relying on self-attributed reports from media partners that are confusing, and don’t add up correctly to the actual number of sales in your Shopify store.
User journey tracking
Our 100% privacy compliant user journey tracking logs reliably your customers’ journeys and touchpoints. Set it up in minutes and start fixing the gaps in your user journeys now.
Attribution models
Compare the outputs of four powerful attribution models conveniently and make sure that you don't disadvantage traffic sources and campaigns that are relevant to your users' journeys.

Trusted by leading DTC brands

Data sources


Connect your data sources with a couple of clicks. We are currently in the process of adding more integrations. 
Integration available
Google Ads
Integration available
Integration available
Integration available
Integration available
Integration available
Integration available
Google Display & Video 360
Integration available
Integration available
We are working on this integration
Agile process

Always-on experimentation

We strongly believe that experimentation and hyperfast iteration will be at the core of the most successful marketing organizations. Teams that test and learn faster will ultimately be able to achieve a competitive advantage.

Admetrics Data Studio integrates a powerful machine-learning driven, Bayesian experimentation engine, named Quantify. It is way more efficient than the current industry practice and outperforms traditional testing and experimentation methodologies by eliminating the flaws and inconveniences of A/B tests.

Through Quantify, our clients are enabled to implement an agile “always-on experimentation” process, innovate faster and make better data-driven decisions at pace.
No code

Setup in 10 minutes

No code setup
Connect your data sources and enable user journey tracking with a couple of clicks within minutes.
No data scientists required
Admetrics Data Studio is built for marketers and does not require a background in data science or statistics. The integrated statistics engine Quantify makes Bayesian statistics easily accessible to performance marketers.

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