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Big Data, the multi screen shift, a growing sensibility to consumer privacy – A rapidly evolving online advertising landscape is presenting tough challenges to advertisers.

At the same time, this obviously presents exciting opportunities for innovators. We are Admetrics and we enable online advertisers to gain superior data-driven insights by providing better data through cutting-edge analytics technology.

Like the growing awareness that attention metrics are key to evaluate ad performance, there are many other challenges that look promising to be tackled by technical innovation.

Through our own R&D and in close cooperation with our clients, we want to tap this potential and provide our customers with a competitive edge through superior technology for ad analytics.

With over a decade of experience in web engineering for global brands we aren't exactly a startup – but we still feel that way. We like it small and agile. We like it dynamic, we like it hands on and we like it personal. Our HQ is in Frankfurt, Germany, our playing field is global.


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