Ad Verification & Brand Safety

Make sure that ads are delivered to the right audience and do not appear in an inappropriate context

In a programmatic world with a never-ending list of content sources and placements, investing in the right ones is not only about maximizing efficiency, but also about sustainability.
Ad Verification

Admetrics technology is key for reaching your target audience in the right environment.

Our verification tools provide the insight you need to find the most efficient placements, minimize non-human ad traffic and protect your brand from unsafe contexts and unwanted audiences.

Geo Compliance

Verification that the location of the user aligns with brand policies and campaign setup.

Language Compliance

Verification that the language of the domain aligns with brand policies and campaign setup.

Ad Position

Verification that the position of the ad on the page matches the media buy.


Verification of Viewability and attention metrics so they match the expectations and campaign goals.


Verification that Frequency and vFrequency matches the campaign setup.

Ad Fraud

Scoring and flagging of non-human ad traffic and traffic of publishers who used techniques to hide ads or obfuscate the actual URL an ad is served on (see Fraud Prevention).

Brand Safety

Making sure that your ads do not appear in inappropriate environments is absolutely crucial for your brand.

Media and consumer attention to unsafe ad placements is at an all-time high. That's why, especially considering the rise of programmatic placements, turning a blind eye to context is simply not an option anymore, not only because of the risk to the ad spend but also to protect brand reputation itself. The fallout of negative audience reaction can be crippling.

The Brand Safety solution we offer scrapes the content of a domain and runs it through a classifier that leverages machine learning to understand the context, meaning and tone of the content that is accompanied by ads. The results are mapped against brand protection categories like adult, illegal drugs, terror, hate speech, etc.

Our algorithm can also reflect custom categories to accommodate brand specific safety policies by adding individual keywords or domains.


Make better decisions by using admetrics Ad Verification data to optimize, monitor or automate your digital media.


Verification data is available in a dashboard, via an API, through hourly generated feeds or via S2S pingbacks in real time.

All measured data is available in the dashboard within hours and can be queried, filtered and drilled down to domain/page level similar to viewability, attention and revenue data. KPIs of fraud scoring, ad verification and brand safety are also made available in our traffic quality reports, which include meaningful visualizations of the data.

The report also provides metrics of the most frequent brand safety categories including their source and related domain/page.

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